Nasturtium from EllenSpringtime for me is all about purging. Cleaning out the old and getting ready for the new! I am one of those people who actually likes pulling weeds in their garden! Give me a cool morning breeze and a cup of coffee and I am good to go! I have even gone over to friends houses and helped them, that’s how much I love being outside. Its the peace and quiet of the morning that I enjoy so much, that plus the smell of the fresh¬†air and the scent of the flowers. While I am out there pruning, cleaning weeds and dead leaves, I get a real sense of accomplishment when I am done. You can actually see the results which makes it all worth while.¬†

I must surround myself with other early morning gardeners, for my birthday last year my friend Ellen gave me flower seeds which I planted this spring. They are coming up now, no flowers yet but soon! She also gave me seeds for a plant she has growing in here back yard-its called a Nasturtium and I am excited to have it growing in my back yard-here is a picture of what her plant looks like in her yard-somehow this picture really does not do it justice. When I planted mine I used a trellis so that it will grow up instead of on the ground. But I really like the way hers travels around the rock garden and water fall. Hopefully mine will look equally good!

As I mentioned Springtime is a time to purge but more importantly a time to REPLANT! My favorite part! I love going to the local garden shops looking for new flowers to plant, whether it be in my garden or flower pots around my yard. They always look so fresh and new-it’s almost like getting gifts that you open and watch grow! Then each year I try and nourish them so they will come back in the spring again, of course that sometimes can be tricky, but I really like the challenge of seeing if I can make them happy in my yard. Hopefully all of you have planted some new plants in your garden, try putting some in some colorful pots, it really makes the garden pop with color!

Good luck to you all!

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